Minoru Fushimi – Thanatos of Funk (Vinyl LP)



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Minoru Fushimi – Thanatos of Funk (Vinyl LP)

Label: 180g

Cat No: 180GRELP02

Minoru Fushimi originally released Thanatos Of Funk in 1985, proving that boogie wasn't exclusive to the US. You can hear his Japanese culture coming through on this incredible album, not least reinterpreting traditional song 'Dompan', but in truth this is a faithful and on-point run at everything electro funk stood for in the mid 80s. There's that necessary streak of humour in tracks like 'Disco Thesis', but primarily this is all about how dope that Moog lines and slick bass slaps sound mixed up with the swathes of vocoder. If you're serious about boogie, you might have had this one in your sights for some time. Finally, your chance has come, so don't waste time snapping up this stellar boogie bomb.


A1  Thanatopsis タナトプシス
A2  In Praise Of Mitochondria ミトコンドリア讃
A3  Shinzō-San しんぞーさん
A4  It Isn't Because Of Hemoglobin ヘモグロビンのせいじゃない
B1  Hensachi-Sama へんさちサマ
B2  Foxy Lady フォクシー・レディ
B3  Gals' Blues ギャルズ・ブルース
B4  Panda Steak パンダ・ステーキ
B5  Disco Thesis ディスコ論
B6  Dompan (Private Funk) どんぱん

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