Mighty Mocambos - 2066 (Vinyl LP)



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Mighty Mocambos - 2066 (Vinyl LP) 

Label: Mocambo

Cat No: MLP1010

A summation of their journey so far and a celebration in anticipation of what's to come, the album is set to take its place in a legacy of open minded, organically recorded music, showering listeners with the crew's maze of tantalising sounds pulled from funk, Afro, hip hop with cinematic composition and storytelling.


1 Preaching To The Choir
2 Stronger (feat. JSwiss)
3 Superstrada
4 Concrete Stardust
5 Where Do We Go From Here (feat. Lee Fields)
6 Macumba
7 Take On The World (feat. Gizelle Smith)
8 Return To Space (feat. Peter Thomas)
9 Golden Shadow
10 Today
11 Here We Go (feat. Mocambo Kidz)
12 Bounce That Ass (RMX) [feat. Ice-T & Charlie Funk]

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