MF Doom - Live From Planet X (Vinyl LP)

Metal Face Records


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MF Doom - Live From Planet X Vinyl LP

Label: Metal Face Records

Cat No: MF-102

A rare, straight from the soundboard live performance from MF Doom in the early 2000's. Includes tracks from Madvillainy, Operation Doomsday and many more.


A1 Intro 1:09
A2 Change The Beat 3:04
A3 Name Dropping 1:42
A4 Dead Bent 2:22
A5 Go With The Drawls 0:58
A6 Gas Flows 2:41
A7 Operation: Doomsday 3:22
A8 Hey! 3:22
B1 Accordion 1:50
B2 Great Day 3:47
B3 Rhymes Like Dimes 2:50
B4 I Hear Voices 2:04
B5 My Favorite Ladies 2:06
B6 One Beer 3:33
B7 Fine Print 3:51

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