Meridian Brothers ‎– Cumbia Siglo XXI (Vinyl LP)

Les Disques Bongo Joe

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Meridian Brothers ‎– Cumbia Siglo XXI (Vinyl LP)

Label: Les Disques Bongo Joe

Cat No: BJR054

Meridian Brothers hail from Bogota, Colombia. Their last LP, 2017's '¿Dónde estás María?', was an acoustic record, but for the follow-up 'Cumbio Siglo XXI' it seems as if the band have gone in the opposite direction. On this album Meridian Brothers use all sorts of sounds, including drum machines. The group's music is based in traditional Colombian Cumbia music, but on this record the group push Cumbia as far as it can go, often wandering into avant-garde territory in the process. Like all other Meridian Brothers LPs, 'Cumbia Siglo XXI' is great fun.


A1 Los Golpeadores De La Cumbia
A2 Cumbia Del Pichamán
A3 Puya Del Empresario
A4 Cumbia De La Igualdad
A5 Cumbia De La Fuente
B1 Cumbia De La Amistad
B2 Cumbia Del Relicario
B3 Cumbia Totalitaria
B4 Cumbia De La Soledad
B5 Cumbia De Los Proletarios

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