M'Bamina - Experimental (Vinyl LP)

Africa Seven


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M'Bamina - Experimental Vinyl LP

Label: Africa Seven

Cat No: ASVN013

Brought to us by Africa Seven, this is the follow up to M'Bamina's frist album "African Roll". Combining Afro-Cuban, funk, dsico and some traditional African elements, this album showcases M'Bamina at the peak of their powers.


A1 Djambo (Salut À L'Afrique) 3:06
A2 Tchiula (Le Crapaud) 4:52
A3 Mamy 4:28
A4 Tchiayala 4:27
B1 Mosi Zole (Un Et Deux) 3:52
B2 Mambu (À L'École De La Sagesse Bantu) 3:50
B3 Atide O Sika (Scène De Village) 3:43
B4 Zizi Ku Mbele (Étrange Guérisseur) 2:08
B5 Mbongui 2:35

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