Manatee Commune - Manatee Commune (Vinyl LP)

Bastard Jazz Recordings

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Manatee Commune - Manatee Commune Vinyl LP

Label: Bastard Jazz Recordings

Cat No: BJLP13

Debut album from Pacific NW rising star, named "Best Electronic Act" in 2015 by the Seattle Weekly.


A1 What We've Got (feat. Flint Eastwood)
A2 No Reason
A3 Be Still (feat. Marina Price)
A4 Inman
A5 Pull Me In, Pt. 1 (feat. Moorea Masa)
A6 Pull Me In, Pt. 2
B7 Interlude
B8 Clementine (feat. Marina Price)
B9 Sleeping Puzzle
B10 The Garden Song (feat. Moorea Masa)
B11 Second Guess (feat. Marina Price)
B12 Outro

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