Machinedrum - Human Energy (Vinyl 2LP)

Ninja Tune

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Machinedrum - Human Energy Vinyl 2xLP

Label: Ninja Tune

Cat No: ZEN232

With 'Human Energy', Machinedrum has made something that will no doubt take him from best kept secret in the electronic music scene, to breakout star in the US. With the hype surrounding this release, this is set to be one of the hottest releases in bass music for 2016.


A1 Lapis
A2 Morphogene
A3 Angel Speak
A4 Tell U
B1 Surfed Out
B2 Do It 4 U
B3 Celestial Levels
B4 Isometrix
C1 Colour Communicator
C2 Spectrum Sequence
C3 White Crown
C4 Ocean Of Thought
D1 Etheric Body Temple
D2 Dos Puertas
D3 Opalescent

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