Lee Perry - Dub Treasures From The Black Ark - Rare Dubs 1976-78 (Vinyl LP)

Jamaican Recordings


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Label: Jamaica Recordings

Cat No: JRLP039

A lovely compilation of rare exclusive from Lee Perry's production studio in the 70's. All recorded on basic equipment and bounced to a 4 track tape, this has that raw reggae feel.


A1 Covenant Dub
A2 Hold Fast Dub
A3 Ox Man Dub
A4 Leopard Dub
A5 Break Out Dub
A6 Running Dub
A7 Dub Them Natty
B1 Party Dub
B2 Hot A Hot Dub
B3 Slum Dubbing Mood
B4 Fulness Dub
B5 Flut In The Ark
B6 Culter Dub
B7 No Food A Run Dub

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