Laraaji ‎– Sun Piano (Vinyl LP)

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Laraaji ‎– Sun Piano (Vinyl LP)

Label: All Saints

Cat No: WAST057LP

"Sun Piano finds Laraaji fulfilling a lifelong ambition to return to his first instrument, learnt whilst growing up in 1950s New Jersey. A departure from his FX-soaked cosmic zither jams, these elegant miniatures nevertheless reveal enough personality and inner light to be clearly identifiable as ‘Laraaji Music’. 

This release is the latest step in something of a late career renaissance for the New York City based musician and mystic. He first came to public attention in the late 70s via his entry in the legendary Brian Eno-produced Ambient series of albums, Ambient 3: Day Of Radiance. In the last few years his music has been re-discovered by a whole new generation of fans via reissues from the likes of the Numero Group, Light In The Attic and Leaving Records; new collaborations with underground musicians Dallas Acid and Sun Araw; a revitalised live presence that has seen him share concert stages worldwide with the likes of Solange and Jonathan Wilson; and a wide amount of media coverage: from discussing his love of orange clothes in Vogue, to demonstrating the benefits of transcendental music on BBC4 or performing a coveted NPR tiny desk concert . This latest musical side step introduces a new chapter to the story of a much-loved cult icon."


A1 Embracing This
A2 Hold On To The Vision
A3 Flow Joy
A4 Shenandoah
A5 This Too Shall Pass
A6 Sunny Day Horse
A7 Elevation
B1 Temple Of The New Light
B2 Moods And Emotions
B3 Lifting Me
B4 Resonance
B5 Embracing Timeless

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