Laptop Funkers - Feel The Goodness (Vinyl LP)

Breakbeat Paradise

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Laptop Funkers - Feel The Goodness Vinyl LP

Label: Breakbeat Paradise

Cat No: BBP121

Breakbeat Paradise Recordings is pleased to welcome back the Laptop Funkers for another set of high-octane fun & funky breakbeat. This 8-track album is a symphony of samples and breaks designed for you to Feel The Goodness. Following up on the successful vinyl release Ready to Rumble from 2013 the Laptop Funkers is back in better shape than ever.


1 Feel The Goodness
2 Aint Nobody Like We
3 Incredible Funk
4 Soul Power
5 I Can Keep It Going
6 Where The Funkers At
7 Got The Party Rockin
8 The Temple

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