Lapalux ‎– Amnioverse (Vinyl 2 LP)



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Lapalux ‎– Amnioverse (Vinyl 2 LP)

Label: Brainfeeder

Cat No: BF086

Stuart Howard recently described his fourth album as Lapalux as "a sort of portmanteau of the amniotic sac and the universe". We're not quite sure what that means, though the resultant music is certainly magical - an evocative mix of atmospheric field recordings, modular ambient movements, off-kilter multi-dimensional songs, wriggling acid lines, drum and bass influenced rhythms, drifting, almost operatic female vocals, heady orchestral sweeps and glassy-eyed electronic motifs. Quite how this fits in to Howard's theme is hard to pin down, but it certainly sounds superb - especially the more stripped-back and fluid ambient tracks that act as pauses for breath between some of the album's bolder moments.


A1 Oblivion 3:18
A2 Voltaic Acid 5:45
A3 Momentine 6:04
B1 Earth 4:58
B2 Helix 4:48
C1 Thin Air 4:47
C2 Limb To Limb 4:14
D1 The Lux Quadrant 4:48
D2 Amnioverse 4:07
D3 ESC 3:37

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