Lando Chill – For Mark, Your Son (Vinyl LP)

Mello Music Group

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Lando Chill – For Mark, Your Son Vinyl LP

Label: Mello Music Group

Cat No: MMG-00090-1

As always we've come to expect something very unique from Mello Music Group. This is the debut studio album from aptly named Lando Chill, and it's definitely worth a listen. His mellow flows combined with some slick beats and great hooks make this a truly complete project and one not to be slept on!


A1 Intro (4MYS)
A2 I'm Awake
A3 Early In The Morning
A4 Rock Love
A5 Proud
A6 Save Me
A7 Floating To Nowhere
B1 Gospel Of The Chill
B2 Find A Way
B3 That's Real
B4 Unenamored
B5 Coroner

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