L.F.T ‎– Blood in the Grass (Vinyl LP)

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L.F.T ‎– Blood in the Grass (Vinyl LP)

Label: Osàre! Editions

Cat No: OE-003

“I've made these tracks for dark days and dark nights” - L.F.T.

Elena Colombi’s Osàre! Editions proudly presents its third vinyl release: Blood in the Grass, an EP of electro tinged new wave from Hamburg-based producer Johannes Haas, aka L.F.T. (Love, Fist, Tears), the title of which takes inspiration from a 1966 tapestry work by the late Swedish-Norwegian textile artist Hannah Ryggen (1894-1970).

Prompted by Colombi and Haas meeting on the dancefloor of Golden Pudel, the eight tracks run the gamut of darkwave and punk sounds, with Haas utilising Korg MS20 and Roland SH101 synthesisers to meld mutant acid with slamming synth lines, ear-worm melodies and opaque lyrics that are left open to interpretation. The new wave aesthetic he draws inspiration from is most evident on tracks Die Geldsmachine, No Covenent and the glistening Chloe-Rose​,​ and with its howling guitar riffs and driving energy geared for late nights, Manon is a rough and ready punk anthem and a tribute to Haas’ “gang” of favourite people in Hamburg.


A1 Stay Away From The Light 3:34
A2 No Covenent 7:14
A3 Die Geldmaschine 6:25
B1 Tentakel Der Liebe (ft. Rosaceae) 3:35
B2 Chloe-Rose 4:46
B3 Trapped In The Pyramids 5:55
B4 Manon 5:02

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