Kutiman ‎– Wachaga (Vinyl LP)

Siyal Music


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 Kutiman ‎– Wachaga (Vinyl LP)

Label: Siyal Music 

Cat No: SYL011SP

It's not every day you hear field recordings taken from the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro, but then KUTIMAN is not your everyday artist. Production wizard and multi-instrumentalist, known to some as Ophir Kutiel, he spent time in a rural community overlooked by the African peak, which is when he got everything here down - percussive performances, dancing, and general life in the village. 'Wachaga', name taken from its birthplace, is the result of those efforts, and is quite possibly the most inspiring, evocative and escapist record you'll come across for some time. Don't expect any 'world music' cliches here, its genuine innovation at work with sounds from the most dominant to the most beguiling coming together to create a coherent whole. And one packed with variety. Unarguably rooted in tribal rhythms, it's nevertheless informed by 1960s spy scores, psychedelic otherness, jazz, avant-garde and downtempo electronica. We can't get enough, you're likely to feel similar.


A1 Tanzania
A2 Awake In The Rain
A3 Maasai
A4 Lost In The Bush
B1 Fireflys Before Tomorrow
B2 A Giant Snail
B3 Rainbow Kilamanjaro
B4 Copasavana
B5 Ngorongoro

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