Kool Keith – Feature Magnetic (Vinyl LP)

Mello Music Group


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Kool Keith – Feature Magnetic Vinyl LP

Label: Mello Music Group

Cat No: MMG-00091-1

Hot new stuff from Kool Keith, keeping his distinctive 90's hip hop flavour alive. Featuring the likes of MF DOOM and Bumpy Knuckles, this is a must have for fans of how hip hop should be done! Includes download.


A1 Intro
A2 Stratocaster
A3 MC Voltron
A4 Super Hero
A5 World Wide Lamper
A6 Bragging Rights
A7 Girl Grab
B1 Bonneville
B2 Tired
B3 Cold Freezer
B4 Peer Pressure
B5 Life
B6 Writers
B7 Cheesecake

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