Klaus Schønning ‎– Lydglimt (Vinyl LP)

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Klaus Schønning ‎– Lydglimt (Vinyl LP)

Label: Frederiksberg Records 

Cat No: FRB 008

Includes threefold white and green square insert with liner notes ("Lydglimt - Part 1: A Keyboard Fantasy", "Lydglimt - Part 2: The Music" and "Lydglimt - Part 3: What Came After").

Frederiksberg Records is proud to announce 40th anniversary LP reissue of Lydglimt, done in close collaboration with Klaus Schønning.

At odds with the loud musical landscape of jazz, rock and punk which dominated the Denmark at this time in the late 70's, Schønning saw before him a different path. A path leading to the serenity of nature, yet fuelled by the machines of a future technology. He had bought his first electronic organ at the age of 13 and guided by the impact of his heroes Ray Manzarek and Walter Carlos - had become determined to make his own kind of music on electronic instruments. With the introduction of the first Roland synthesizer and a Teac 4-track recorder, Schønning was wellprepared for the task. In the snowy winter of 1979, a wild-haired young man by the name Klaus Schønning biked around to the record shops of Copenhagen with a box of records to sell. The record was titled Lydglimt (meaning ‘glimpses of sound´) and was the 25-year old Schønning’s first solo album. Not only was it first first album of self-composed music, but it was also recorded in his home studio and privately pressed from his own pocket

With Lydglimt, Schønning wanted to illustrate the natural surroundings of Denmark. The record is therefore separated into two suites, Skoven (the Woods) and Stranden (the Shore), each completed with the addition of field recordings of birds and waves. With lyrical and symphonic elements mixed with more experimental ideas, these illustrations still to this day stand alone as a unique statement of its time and timelessness. A precursor of sorts to what later became known as new age music, Schønning has been embraced as a pioneer within these circles in the decades that followed upon its release.


A1 Solopgang 3:12
A2 Lysstrejf 5:23
A3 Skovfragmenter 5:22
A4 Vandløbet 4:59
A5 Tordenskyen 2:39
A6 Aftenregn 2:43
B1 Havbrus 4:25
B2 Strandbølger 1:54
B3 Sandflugt 2:23
B4 Klittåge 3:40
B5 Havmågen 4:48
B6 Solnedgang 3:23
B7 Natskygger 3:41

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