Kaleta, Super Yamba Band, Bosq ‎– Jibiti (Bosq Remix) (Vinyl 7")

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Kaleta, Super Yamba Band, Bosq ‎– Jibiti (Bosq Remix) (Vinyl 7")

Label: Ubiquity ‎ 

Cat No: UR7391

Kaleta's first full-length collaboration with the Super Yamba Band, 2019's "Medaho", was something of a slept-on treat: a fiendishly psychedelic Afrobeat affair that was every bit as heavy, colourful and vibrant as you'd expect. Here, one of the album's standout tunes gets the remix treatment courtesy of long-serving, party-starting musical fusionist Bosq. The Ubiquity and Soul Clap stalwart delivers vocal and instrumental passes of "Jibiti", both of which make great use of Kaleta's vocals and Super Yamba Band's fuzzy, Fela Kuti-style horn lines. Bosq's groove is closer in feel to Afro-disco than the original album version, though the bassline, organ stabs and vocals are pure Afrobeat gold.


A Jibiti (Bosq Remix)
B Jibiti (Bosq Remix Instrumental)

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