Kakai Kilonzo & Les Kilimambogo Brothers - Buffalo Mountain (Vinyl LP)

No Wahala Sounds


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Kakai Kilonzo & Les Kilimambogo Brothers - Buffalo Mountain (Vinyl LP)

Label: No Wahala Sounds

Cat No: NWS10

The Kenyan music scene is one of the most diverse and vibrant in Africa. However, ask any Kenyan which pop music style truly represents Kenya as a nation and there is only one possible answer: benga. Benga is a pop style with its roots in traditional rhythms, instruments, and melodies. Luo musicians from western Kenya brought the style to prominence in the late 60s but other cultural/linguistic groups in other parts of Kenya quickly developed their own localized variants. With its pulsing beat, interlocking guitars, extended solos, and rapid-fire bass, benga music has dominated the Kenyan music scene over most of the post-colonial period.


1: Mwiitu Beth
2: Annah, I Love You
3: Baba Mkwe, Pt. 1
4: Baba Mkwe, Pt. 2
5: Bibi Yangu Nakupe...
6: Kilimambogo Matha...
7: Ngomeleelye Kitam...
8: Bibi Ni Wa Mmoja
9: Punguza Ulevi

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