Joe Hertz - Current Blues (Vinyl LP)

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Joe Hertz - Current Blues (Vinyl LP)

Label: Juicebox UK

Cat No: JH 005V

Since first exploding onto Soundcloud back in 2014, Brixton-born Joe Hertz has evolved from a darling of the bedroom producer scene into an exciting established artist. A mix of soul-influenced hip-hop and R&B, Joe Hertz's debut album Current Blues features a global array of collaborators including Pip Millet, YonYon, IYAMAH, Collard and more


1. "Colourblind" (feat Collard) (4:25)
2. "I Don't Swear" (feat Pip Millett) (2:55)
3. "Senses" (feat Syd B & Floyd Fuji) (3:04)
4. "Trippin'" (feat Ryahn) (2:40)
5. "Moon" (feat Nono) (3:00)
6. "Cross My Mind" (feat Sophie Faith) (3:47)
7. "Fight Or Flight" (feat Iyamah) (3:07)
Side 2
1. "Beneficios" (feat Kablito) (2:48)
2. "One Sided" (feat Kaleem Taylor) (3:56)
3. "Rain In Cuba" (feat Barney Artist & Sam Wills & Blue Lab beats) (3:48)
4. "Korok Shuffle" (4:27)
5. "Used" (feat Dom Mcallister & YonYon) (3:39)
6. "Deep End" (3:37)

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