Jerry Paper - Abracadabra (Vinyl LP)

Stones Throw Records


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Jerry Paper - Abracadabra (Vinyl LP)

Label: Stones Throw

Cat No: STH2427LE

Transparent Green Vinyl

Abracadabra is the second album on Stones Throw from leftfield indie-pop artist Jerry Paper. Jerry Paper has previously collaborated with Tyler, The Creator; Weyes Blood; Charlotte Day Wilson, and BadBadNotGood.


1  Quicksand
2  Cholla
3  All I Need
4  Spit it Out
5  Memorial Highway
6  Trash Can
7  Drunk Man Talk
8  Game Night
9  The Imposter
10 Bodybuilder on the Shore
11 Slow Down, Buddy
12 Apologist
13 Puppeteer

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