J-Felix - Whole Again Hooligan (Vinyl 2LP)

Tru Thoughts

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J-Felix - Whole Again Hooligan (Vinyl 2LP)

Label: Tru Thoughts

Cat No: TRULP388

Producer and multi-instrumentalist J-Felix returns with his future blend of boogie, p-funk, disco and soul on his second album ‘Whole Again Hooligan’. Influenced by the musicianship of Roy Hargrove’s The RH Factor, James Brown and George Clinton.


A1 Mind Up (feat Andrew Ashong) (4:12)
A2 Future (Are We Living!?) (feat Sol Goodman) (4:28)
A3 String Stingalings (3:21)
B1 Us (feat Afua) (3:21)
B2 Check (feat El Train) (3:41)
B3 Choppa Fiesta (3:28)
C1 Give Me Some Of That (feat Afua) (3:18)
C2 Good Ol' Love (feat Sol Goodman) (4:33)
C3 Whole Again Hooligan (feat Sol Goodman) (3:08)
D1 Glide (feat Emeson) (3:56)
D2 Take Me To The Gutter (feat Sol Goodman) (4:17)
D3 I Remember (2:13)

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