Illum Sphere - Glass (Vinyl LP)

Ninja Tune

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Illum Sphere - Glass Vinyl LP

Label: Ninja Tune

Cat No: ZEN237

Ryan Hunn, aka Illum Sphere, returns with his second album on Ninja Tune. Expect a development on the sounds of 2104's 'Ghosts Of Then And Now' as Hunn takes his music in a direction hinted at in his Spectre Vex 12's.


A1 The Journey (4:08)
A2 Fall Into Water (6:43)
A3 Red Glass (5:59)
A4 Wounded (4:13)
A5 Oracle (4:09)
B1 Fuel The Fire (5:08)
B2 River (3:21)
B3 Thousand Yard Stare (8:35)
B4 Paradise (5:03)


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