Ill Bill - What’s Wrong With Bill (Vinyl 3LP Box)

Uncle Howie Records


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Ill Bill - What’s Wrong With Bill (Vinyl 3LP Box)

Label: Uncle Howie Records

Cat No: UHR5703

Black Friday / Record Store Day release. 

3LP reissue of the long out-of-print album from Ill Bill. Features 3 colour LPs, a bonus 7" of 'Gangsta Rap', a cover art 24x24 poster and 24 page booklet with lyrics and photos.


1 What’s Wrong?
2 Overkill
3 The Anatomy Of A School Shooting
4 Glenwood Projects Feat. Uncle Howie, Necro & Goretex
5 Peace Sells
6 Unstoppable
7 Death Smiles At Murder Feat. Mr. Hyde
8 Chasing The Dragon Feat. Necro
9 Alien Workshop
10 Canarsie Artie’s Brigade Feat. Necro, Q-unique & Goretex
11 Porno Director Feat. Goretex & Sabac Red
12 American History X
13 Uncle Zowie
14 Legend Has It
15 The Final Scene
16 Chasing The Dragon Feat. Necro (Moshpit Mix)

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