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Ian Willson - Straight From The Heart (Vinyl LP)

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We’ve worked with Ian Willson to reissue his insanely good, self-released West Coast classic “Straight From The Heart”. Privately pressed and originally released in 1985, this is a magical blend of AOR/sophisticated funk/synth-boogie/spiritual jazz and modern soul. It’s a spellbinding record of many colours.


A1  Think About It   (04:48)
A2  Straight From The Heart   (04:21)
A3  Sequel, Baby Let’s Play   (03:38)
A4  Four In The Morning   (04:10)
A5  If I Were You   (05:51)

B1   Two Is Better Than One   (04:35)
B2   Song For Katelyn   (02:43)
B3   Funk Invasion   (02:52)
B4   A Game Called Love   (04:40)
B5   Waiting For Sharon     (04:43)

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