Hot Pepper - Spanglish Movement (Vinyl LP)

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Hot Pepper - Spanglish Movement (Vinyl LP) 


Welcome reissue of super-rare Balearic gem ‘Spanglish Movement’ from little known band Hot Pepper. This obscure Mexican release has garnered a cult following for side B’s massive afro-Cosmic anthem ‘Ritual Song’ - a nine a half minute epic throbbing slo-mo disco workout huge with DJs and collectors in the know and a firm dancefloor favourite for its pounding drums, heady synths and rhythmic chants. An awesome track but don’t overlook the LP’s other delights - ‘No Me Presiones’ is a superb slice of crazy swirling dirty space disco with a relentless energy while over on side A we have the Latin-tinged ‘Wrong Way’, a captivating Balearic-style instrumental disco odyssey packed with hi-octane percussion, superb guitars, firing brass and lilting synths plus joyful bubbler ‘Let The World Be Happy Again’. Don’t miss this essential exotic disco rarity! 

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A1. Deja Que El Mundo Sea Feliz Otra Vez (Let The World Be Happy Again) 6:33
A2. Camino Equivocado (Wrong Way) 7:52
B1. No Me Presiones (Don't Push Me) 6:38
B2. Canción Ritual (Ritual Song) 9:32


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