Horace Andy, Wayne Jarrett and The Wailers - The Kingston Rock (Vinyl LP)

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Label: Dub Store Records

Cat No: DSR 607


A1) Winston Jarrett - True Born African
A2) Horace Andy - Unity, Love And Strength
A3) Horace Andy - Can't You See It's Time
A4) Winston Jarrett - Country Woman
A5) Horace Andy - Earth Must Be Hell
A6) Winston Jarrett - Let The Music Play
B7) Winston Jarrett - Wake Up Suzy
B8) Horace Andy - I Stand Before You
B9) Horace Andy - How Do You Think I Feel
B10) Horace Andy - Treasure Call Love
B11) Winston Jarrett - Isn't It Wrong
B12) Winston Jarrett - Writing On The Wall

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