Henry Franklin - Tribal Dance (Vinyl LP)

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Henry Franklin - Tribal Dance (Vinyl LP) 


Real Gone Music were so knocked out by The Skipper and The Skipper at Home, the two Black Jazz-label releases they put out from Henry Franklin, that they hunted down the rights to his next record, Tribal Dance, recorded in 1977 for the little-known Catalyst label.

You will find many of the same players that made Franklin’s two Black Jazz albums so intense and enjoyable, including saxophonist Charles Owens, trombonist Al Hall, Jr., and guitarist Kenneth Climax, along with West Coast jazz stalwarts like percussionist Sonship and pianist Dwight Dickerson. As the title indicates, Tribal Dance leans a little more spiritual, but without losing the pulsing drive of its predecessors (and how could it, with The Skipper at the helm on bass!). Never before reissued on vinyl, with original gatefold artwork intact...and pressed at Gotta Groove Records where we made the Black Jazz records!

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A1. Tribal Dance   6:04
A2. Eric's Tune   8:00
A3. For Penny   6:19
B1. Spring Song   7:40
B2. Cosmos Dwellers   10:37
B3. Prime Mover   5:56

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