Grenk Sinatra - Gumbo 2: Pretty Ugly / Lost Tapes (Vinyl 2LP)

Melting Pot Music


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Grenk Sinatra - Gumbo 2: Pretty Ugly / Lost Tapes Vinyl 2xLP

Label: Melting Pot Music

Cat No: MPM116X

Happy fifth anniversary Gumbo II: Pretty Ugly! Brenk Sinatra's 2011 masterpiece is celebrating it's fifth birthday this summer. To celebrate the event Brenk has delved deeply into his archives and unearthed 20 beats from the "Gumbo II" sessions that didn't made it on the album. So we are proud to announce "Gumbo II: Pretty Ugly / Lost Tapes". A double LP consisting of the original album on one platter and 20 brand new tracks from 2010-2011 on the other.


A1 Intro
A2 Murda Dem
A3 Lupo
A4 Whereva
A5 Everyday Scenario
A6 Dedicated
A7 Anotha Sip
A8 Nite Ridah 2K11
A9 Shangri-La
A10 Can't Seem To Forget
A11 Anotha All Nighta
B12 One Daaay
B13 Perdido
B14 Bright Foozel
B15 Wheneva
B16 The Spirit Of Chad Butler
B17 Grindas Skit
B18 Hit U
B19 Body Skit
B20 Wolves 2 (Still Hungry)
B21 Tryin
B22 Intruda
B23 It's Yours (Demo)
C24 Wonda
C25 Sman
C26 Master
C27 Hi Planet Earth
C28 Charles
C29 Skizzit
C30 Missal
C31 Bumba Clot
C32 Madorgan
C33 Durrdee
C34 Moon Bacon
D35 Walkin' (Holdin Ends)
D36 Only
D37 Ham Errr
D38 Punk Beetch
D39 86 Kraft
D40 J.B.
D41 Str8 Funkin'
D42 Swingout
D43 Riemy

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