Greg Foat - The Dreaming Jewels (Vinyl LP)

Athens Of The North


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Greg Foat - The Dreaming Jewels (Vinyl LP) 

Label: Athens of The North

Cat No: AOTNLP033

Moving to a more rhythmic space, you could call it Jazz funk or Fusion, but labels suck so just listen and appreciate the pure sense of space Malcom Catto achieves with this recording. Instruments float in space, aided by the Vintage EMI desk and a host of valve equipment which has taken Malcolm a lifetime to collect. In amongst the more rhythmic pieces we also have some classic Foat style compositions; 'Lake Kussharo' and 'The Dreaming Jewels' as emotive and personal as ever, a feeling that can only be expressed and articulated in music. These past few years will no doubt be looked back on with great favour in musical history, with prolific and high quality output in all his various projects this LP is his crowning achievement of 2019. A strong year indeed!


A1 Sapphire Dreams
A2 Eric's Breakdown
A3 The Door into Summer
A4 Not That It Makes Any Difference
B5 Lake Kussharo
B6 Kushiro River
B7 This Is Not Necessarily My Answer, But
B8 The Dreaming Jewels

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