Greg Foat - Psychosynthesis (Vinyl 2LP)

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Greg Foat - Psychosynthesis (Vinyl 2LP) 


The prolific Greg Foat returns with a new Synthesiser soundscape double album. Recorded during the 2020 Lockdown. This is the follow up to 'Photosynthesis' this time featuring drummer Morgan Simpson (Black Midi) 

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A1.  Baby Boy
A2.  Tropical Love
A3.  Above The Clouds
A4.  Underwater Fantasy
B1.  Psychosynthesis Part 1
B2 . Artic Cavern
B3.  Psychosynthesis Part 2
C1.  The Green Odyssey
C2.  Riding Into Battle
C3.  The Investigation
D1.  World Of Tiers
D2.  Subterranean Lake
D3.  Fatherhood
D4.  Crystal Gardens

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