Greg Foat & Art Themen - Off Piste (Vinyl LP)

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Greg Foat & Art Themen - Off Piste (LP, Album) 


Greg Foat has always had a great reverence for the musicians that featured on the records he has collected over the years. Whether they were players from the great European library catalogs, Italian soundtracks, American Jazz but most of all British Jazz. One of his all-time favourites being the beautiful tone of Art Themens Saxophone…

After Art had played on a few sessions for Greg both were keen to record an LP together. Plans were hatched during lockdown and everyone headed to Edinburgh as soon as allowed, to an unassuming metal door that leads to a renowned studio with a large live room with a stunning Neve desk. Chamber Studio has a long Edinburgh heritage, known for recordings from Mogwai to everyone's favourite The Vaselines.

Greg & Art wanted to do something experimental so they brought in an interesting and challenging mix of new musicians along with a large pile of synthesizers and effects pedals. The result is a fantastic melting pot of melodic, harmonic and rhythmic ideas and motifs. Off-Pisté is a masterpiece!

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A1. Fresh Snow
A2. La Partida
A3. Off-Piste
B1. Yrsno
B2. Sis No Hyp
B3. Après-Ski

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