Ghost Funk Orchestra ‎– An Ode To Escapism (Vinyl LP)

Karma Chief


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Ghost Funk Orchestra ‎– An Ode To Escapism (Vinyl LP)

Label: Karma Chief Records 

Cat No: KCR-12009

Where will you hide when the world around you is closing in? On their latest LP, GFO invites you to close your eyes and take a dive into your subconscious. Strings and horns float around from ear to ear while their three sirens explore themes of isolation, fear of the unknown, and the fabrication of self-image. It’s a soulful psychedelic journey that picks up sonically where “A Song For Paul” left off. The drums are heavier, the arrangements are more intricate, and the vocal harmonies soar over a bed of odd time signature grooves. This is an album that’s meant to be listened to in the dark.


A1 Introduction 0:59
A2 Overture 1:36
A3 Little Bird 4:15
A4 Stoop Talk 2:07
A5 Step Back (Wild Child) 2:15
A6 Fuzzy Logic 3:07
A7 Pause I 0:29
A8 Quiet Soul 4:11
B1 Mourning 0:38
B2 Drop Me A Line 3:28
B3 Pause II 0:25
B4 Queen Bee 2:45
B5 Korban Olah 2:00
B6 Toujours 2:17
B7 Pause III 1:02
B8 King Of Misdirection 3:22
B9 Cost Of Living 4:06

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