Georgia Anne Muldrow - Seeds (Vinyl LP)

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Georgia Anne Muldrow - Seeds (Vinyl LP)


On Seeds, Georgia Muldrow takes a step back and leaves the beatmaking to Otis Jackson Jr., aka Madlib. As producers, Muldrow and Jackson are not worlds apart, so the switch requires no adjustment on the part of the listener. That said, this is one dense and tight set, barely over half-an-hour in length, and it's definitely in contention for Muldrow's most focused, funkiest, and (somewhat ironically) personal release to date.

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A1. Seeds
A2. Wind
A3. Calabash
A4. Kali Yuga
A5. The Birth Of Petey Wheatstraw
B1. Best Love
B2. Husfriend Intro
B3. Husfriend
B4. Kneecap Jelly
B5. The Few
B6. Remember (Outro)

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