Gaijin Blues ‎– Gaijin Blues II (Vinyl LP)

Shapes of Rhythm


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Gaijin Blues ‎– Gaijin Blues II  (Vinyl LP)

Label: Shapes of Rhythm

Cat No: SORLP1

Musicians and gaming nerds Gaijin Blues (Naphta and Playstation Yoga Music) continue to leave their controllers aside and pay respects to the greatest video games ever made...but this time they're going one step further into the adventure..with a full-length 8 track concept LP.


A1 The Mining Town Of Kakariko
A2 Bahamut (The Town Provider)
A3 Puff-Puff
A4 Professor Tatsuro Kensu
B1 Mementos (Prison)
B2 Mako Energy
B3 Leaving Schwarzwelt
B4 Grief, The Aftermath And A Faint Hope

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