Freeez - Mariposa / Alone (Vinyl 12")

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Freeez - Mariposa / Alone (12", RM) 

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 First ever 12" release of Freeez's monster brit-funk classic "Mariposa", along with the equally heavy and hard to find 12" mix of "Alone". Originally released on Freeez's debut album Southern Freeez in 1980, "Mariposa '' is fearsomely funky, high-tempo, melodic jazz-funk featuring Paul Morgan's lighting drum fills, Peter Maas's slapping and popping, Andy Stennett's top-drawer keys and John Rocca's percussion and otherworldly Spanish vocals. Pure dance-foor body music, "Mariposa" typified the group's feel-good sound and has torn up club floors throughout the 80s and beyond. With the same core line- up, with the exception of new drummer; Light Of The World's Everton McCalla, "Alone", originally released as the B-side to Freeez's "One to One" single in 1982, is a cool, heady boogie stepper, and this elusive extended 12" mix is a no brainer for any discerning jazz/funk boogie jock.

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1. Mariposa 5:47
2. Alone (12" version) 6:06


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