Freddy Cole ‎– The Cole Nobody Knows (Vinyl LP)



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Freddy Cole ‎– The Cole Nobody Knows (Vinyl LP)

Label: Sonorama

Cat No: SONOL49

This very rare and privately pressed LP was recorded back in 1976 and finally gets its first remastered 1:1 reissue with original cover artwork (First Shot label), including such greats as 'Wild Is Love', 'Brother Where Are You' and 'Live For Life'. The original press album is highly sought after all over the world and fetches ridiculous prices at auctions. Even another LP release of the same set of recordings with different cover art, pressed 1977 on the Audiophile label, is nearly impossible to find today. 'Freddy Cole has had a great career, wether or not you've ever heard of him' (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 2006) and he is still going strong: His quartet is currently touring the U.S., Switzerland, Germany or Lebanon and will come back to Europe for more shows in May 2010. Check '' to find out about the man who 'just might be the most attractively understated jazz singer currently at work' (The Chicago Sunday Times 2000).


A1 Correct Me If I'm Wrong 4:35
A2 Moving On - Place In The Sun 3:52
A3 Wild Is Love 2:55
A4 A Man Shouldn't Be Lonely 3:03
A5 Brother, Where Are You? 4:55
B1 Miss Otis Regrets 3:52
B2 Live For Life 3:24
B3 He'll Have To Go 3:25
B4 Medley: I Keep Going Back To Joe's - Walter, Ask The Man To Play The Blues 4:52

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