Fred again.. & Brian Eno - Secret Life (Vinyl LP)

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Fred again.. & Brian Eno - Secret Life (Vinyl LP) 


Surprise release from Fred Again and Eno. Produced by Brian Eno and Fred Gibson 4th April 2020 - 23rd December 2022, mastered by Kieran Hebden,  lacquer cut by Bernie Grundman. 

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A1. I Saw You   4:25
A2. Secret   5:04
A3. Radio   4:04
A4. Follow   1:39
A5. Enough   5:22
A6. Pause   2:23
B1. Safety   2:43
B2. Cmon   5:20
B3. Trying   3:41
B4. Chest   4:55
B5. Come On Home  5:12

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