Fitz Gore & The Talismen ‎– Soundmagnificat (Vinyl LP)



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Fitz Gore & The Talismen ‎– Soundmagnificat (Vinyl LP)

Label: Sonorama

Cat No: L-113

Ekkehart Feischammer's reissue focused Sonorama label is renowned for the depth of its digging, so it's little surprise that their latest reissue is an ultra-rare gem. Soundmagnificant, the second album from Jamaica-born saxophonist Fitz Gore and his international backing group the Talismen, was initially recorded and released in 1976 via a tiny private press label. As this timely reissue proves, the set remains an underheard classic. Gore is undoubtedly the star attraction, delivering emotive, often heart-aching solos whilst also showcasing his deep, rich voice on 'Steal Away'. The album seems to hit new heights with each successive cut, with B-side tracks 'Delilah' (a bright, breezy and Latin-tinged number) and sublime closing cut 'A Sinner Kissed An Angel' standing out.


1 Requiem For Julian “Cannonball” Adderley 13:15
2 Steal Away 4:16
3 Delilah 12:07
4 A Sinner Kissed An Angel 8:04

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