Fernando Falcão ‎– Memória Das Águas (Vinyl LP)

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Fernando Falcão ‎– Memória Das Águas (Vinyl LP)

Label: Selva Discos

Cat No: OMSD006

Selva Discos returns to the LP reissue game with a bang – by giving a new life to the stunning and very sought-after Memória das Águas album by Fernando Falcão. Originally recorded in 1979 in Paris but only released independently in Brazil in 1981, the album comes complete with genre-hopping explorations that swirl around ambient soundscapes, lively jazz, experimental-leanings, Afro-rhythms and a unique blend of Latin grooves and French pop with a Brazilian accent, but it also comes with a story as deeply unique as the music.


A1 Memória Das Águas 5:01
A2 Amanhecer Tabajara (À Alceu Valença) 3:55
A3 Ladeira Dos Inocentes 5:02
A4 Revoada 5:16
B1 Mercado (Gravado No Mercado Tanger) 3:14
B2 Curimão (Sons Onomatopaicos E Folk Da Guiné) 6:45
B3 Solito (Solo De Balauê) 4:19
B4 Danado Cantador (Balauê, Orquestra E Declamação) (À Fagner) 4:47

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