Emerson – If You Need Me, Call Me (Vinyl LP)

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Emerson – If You Need Me, Call Me (Vinyl LP)

Label: Kalita Records

Cat No: KALITA LP003

Kalita's obligatory Record Store Day offering is something rather special: synth-funk visionary couple Emerson and Leora Sandidge's mythical unreleased album finally sees the light of day, following Emerson's sole private press seven-inch single release way back in 1988. Those two tunes ("Sending All My Love Out" and "Why Are You So Cold?") make the cut on this belated debut set, alongside six other previously unreleased recordings from the same sessions. Their take on electrofunk, boogie and '80s soul is colourful, soulful and synth-heavy, with the included tracks veering from up-tempo club workouts (see "Raw Deal Cocaine Kills") and fizzing dancefloor pop workouts, to sugary ballads and seductive slow jams. In other words, it's a more than tidy selection of rare and unheard gems.


A1 Why Are You So Cold? 4:23
A2 Sending All My Love Out 4:34
A3 Nosey Neighbours 4:48
A4 Raw Deal Cocaine Kills 3:23
B1 If You Need Me, Call Me 6:41
B2 Sound Track 3:00
B3 Sending All My Love Out (Demo Version) 4:33
B4 Raw Deal Cocaine Kills (Prelude) 2:20

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