Elmore Judd – The Insect Funk (Vinyl LP)

Honest Jon's Records


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Label: Honest Jon's Records

Cat No: HJRLP17


A1 Pirate Song 1:56
A2 Disco In 4 Pieces 4:04
A3 We Float In Time 3:56
A4 Dead Men Walk In A Straight 9 3:57
A5 Insect Funk 3:32
A6 Ultra Busy 3:12
A7 Rats 3:05

B1 Funky Nerd 3:32
B2 Evil Laughs 3:13
B3 Samba Apocalypse 2000 3:54
B4 Tron Song 3:09
B5 Don't Lie 3:21
B6 Happy Bass Caravan 4:00
B7 Balafonix 0:59

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