Ebi Soda - Ugh (Vinyl 2LP)

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Ebi Soda - Ugh (2xLP)


Yellow Vinyl

 Following the aptly-named 'Bedroom Tapes EP' comes 'Ugh', a collection of tunes from Ebi Soda's first ventures into professional recording. The band have made sure to carry their DIY-centric identity with them, creating a beautifully-produced record with the band's raw energy still at the forefront. Explosive drum grooves and a heavy-usage of electronic effects characterise the fluid jams we hear on 'Ugh', with the project's opener 'Ecchi' setting the tone straight away as the song moves from upbeat dance-y rhythms to a nightmare-inducing dub soundscape.

The ten-track project was recorded over a year from numerous different sessions, leading it to carry an air of sporadicity to it, with its genre-switching nature leading the band to consider it more of a mixtape than an album. Ebi Soda seeks to surprise and alarm listeners with this project. This bonus edition repress on limited edition yellow vinyl, features unreleased dubs from intergalactic sound dealer Ash Walker, who meets Ebi Soda in the echo chamber.

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A1. Ecchi  4:34
A2. Mas The OIrc 3:26
A3. Zip Your Boots Up Lad 5:03
B1. Run For President 3:09
B2. Spooki   5:09
B3. Keisha Billip  4:22
C1. Playstation   3:20
C2. Summer One   4:57
C3. Something To Do In The Future 2:46
C4. Meow Meow   4:59
D1. Ecchi (Ash Walker Dub)
D2. Spooki (Ash Walker Dub)
D3. Playstation (Ash Walker Dub)

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