Madvillain - MF Doom And Madlib – Madvillainy (Vinyl 2LP)

Stones Throw Records


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MF Doom And Madlib - Madvillain – Madvillainy Vinyl 2xLP

Label: Stones Throw Records

Cat No: STH 2065


A1 The Illest Villains 1:55
A2 Accordion 1:58
A3 Meat Grinder 2:11
A4 Bistro 1:08
A5 Raid 2:35

B1 America's Most Blunted 3:54
B2 Sickfit (Inst.) 1:21
B3 Rainbows 2:51
B4 Curls 1:33
B5 Do Not Fire! (Inst.) 0:52
B6 Money Folder 2:41

C1 Scene Two (Voice Skit) 0:20
C2 Shadows Of Tomorrow 2:36
C3 Operation Lifesaver AKA Mint Test 1:30
C4 Figaro 2:25
C5 Hardcore Hustle 1:21
C6 Strange Ways 1:23

D1 (Intro) 0:29
D2 Fancy Clown 1:55
D3 Eye 1:57
D4 Supervillain Theme (Inst.) 0:52
D5 All Caps 2:10
D6 Great Day 2:16
D7 Rhinestone Cowboy

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