Disco E Cultura Vol 1 - Various Artists (Vinyl LP)

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Disco E Cultura Vol 1 - Various Artists (Vinyl LP)

Label: Mad About Records 

Cat No: MAR 035

A tasty slice of '70s and '80s Brazilian Soul and Funk - deluxe edition in nice thick carton cover + obi !
Soul and Funk was taking shape all over the world in the 1970s. Brazilians built on their own phenomenal music, combining it with influences of Funk and Soul music from abroad to create something uniquely Brazilian.

The disco-boogie-funk sound produced in Brazil in the late 70s and early 80s has been under the spotlight. Some records have become established classics and bestsellers. Many others have become cult records that have remained largely unknown to the general public, some of these rare records are now collected in the first volume of “Disco é Cultura”.


1.Lafayette - Sol De Verao

2.Paulo Jeronimo - Vida Agitada

3.Cornelius - Deixa

4.Franco - Ei Voce Psiu

5.Adriana - Contigo

6.Brazil Very Happy Band - Brazil Very Happy Band

7.Aloisio - Tema R

8.Carbonos - Passaro Selvagem

9.San Rodrigues - Fofa

10.Gay Vaquer - Disco Pode Ser Cultura

11.Grupo Natureza - Pode Acreditar Versao Vocal

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