Diazpora ‎– Ping Pong Powerplay (Vinyl LP)



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Diazpora ‎– Ping Pong Powerplay (Vinyl LP)

Label: Legere

Cat No: LEGO191

Stop everything you're about to do and take a hit of Diazpora's new Album "Ping Pong Powerplay" now. Vast amounts of dopamine will be released as the needle hits the groove. Problems will disappear, heartache will crumble and legs going to move.


A1 Play The Ball
A2 Olympians
A3 Ready To Go
A4 Ping Pong Powerplay
A5 You Shot Me Down
B1 Royals
B2 Bone (The Broke Marauder)
B3 Hit Me
B4 Hangin' On
B5 The Bachelor

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