Desmond Dekker - The Israelites (Vinyl LP)

Trojan Records

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Desmond Dekker - The Isrealites Vinyl LP

Label: Trojan Records

Cat No: TBL1013

At long last, a quality reissue of this seminal album by Desmond Dekker. Featuring the instantly recognisable song by the same title, the original for this has ling since been impossible to find. Grab this 2016 reissue by Trojan instead!


A1 Israelites
A2 It Is Not Easy
A3 Intensified
A4 Tips Of My Fingers
A5 Too Much Too Soon
B1 It Mek
B2 Nincompoop
B3 Problems
B4 For Once In My Life
B5 Rude Boy Train

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