David Walters ‎– Soleil Kréyol (Vinyl 2LP)

Heavenly Sweetness


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David Walters ‎– Soleil Kréyol (Vinyl 2LP)

Label: Heavenly Sweetness

Cat No: HS201VL

With a title that translates as "soul creole", it's perhaps unsurprising to find that David Walters' new album is a warm, woozy and tropical-tinged delight. It was produced by Favorite Recordings in house producer Bruno "Patchworks" Hovart, and you can hear his hand in the warm, authentic and vintage blend of African, South American, Caribbean rhythms and instrumentation. Walters says he was inspired by the melting pot that was New York at the turn of the 80s, too, and that's evident throughout. Add it all up and you have an eclectric, retro-futurist treat held together by the dual appeal of Hovart's production and Walters' fantastic multi-lingual vocals.


A1 Manyé 4:33
A2 Kryé Mwen 4:59
A3 Bwé Dlo 3:54
B1 Pa Lé 2:45
B2 Mama 3:42
B3 Music 3:23
C1 Fo Bouger 3:45
C2 Abo 4:22
C3 Lady 4:12
D1 Mesy Bon Dié 4:46
D2 Soleil Kréyole 4:02
D3 Mama (Bonus track)

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