David Nesselhauf - Afrokraut (Vinyl LP)



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David Nesselhauf - Afrokraut Vinyl LP

Label: Legere

Cat No: LEGO109

David Nesselhauf is a multi-instumentalist and producer from Germany. In this latest project he revisits a time when innovative bands like Can were attempting to merge the two distinct disciplines of krautrock and afrobeat. He works on a rhythmic and experminetal fusion of african sounds and german rock, and the result is something truly unique.


A1 Boat Mama
A2 Outer Banks
A3 Dirt Track
A4 Come
A5 Come Along Bintang Bolong (feat. Amadou Bah)
A6 MS Utopia
B7 Open Up!
B8 A Route Obscure
B9 Wait For Me
B10 The Routine
B11 Ghost Of Your Love
B12 Bosso Fataka
B13 Passport Check

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