Dao Bandon - Kon Kee Lang Kwai (Man On A Water Buffalo): Essential Dao Bandon (Vinyl LP)

Em Records


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Label: EM Records

Cat No: EM1131LP


A1 Kon Kee Lang Keai (Man On A Water Buffalo)
A2 Num Lam Nam Chi (Man From River Chi)
A3 Rak Nong Kon Diew (I Love Only You)
A4 Bong Ja Bong (Pipe, Oh Pipe)
A5 Nat Wan Kin Yaa Dong (Yaa Dong Day)
A6 Lam Plearn Kiew Sao (Courting Lam Plearn)

B1 Lam Plearn Jaroen Jai (Uplifting Lam Plearn)
B2 Sanya Na Nao (Promise For The Dry Season)
B3 Lork Pi Chut Chut (Deceive Me Completely)
B4 Ya Sading (Don't Be Loose)
B5 Ya Ting King (Don't Stop)
B6 Lam Kiew Sao Lam Noi (Courting Lam Girl Lam)

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