Dag Savage - E & J (Vinyl 2LP)

Dirty Science


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Label: Dirty Science 

Cat No: DS5003


A1 The Beginning
A2 For Oldtimes Sake
A3 Twilight
A4 Bad Trip - Featuring – Adad, GonjaSufi, Sahtyre
B1 D.R.U.G.S. - Featuring – Co$$, Choosey
B2 Don't Stop - Featuring – Blu
B3 Van Gogh - Featuring – Choosey
B4 Cali Dreamin - Featuring – Co$$, Fashawn, Tiombe Lockhart
C1 F.U.P.M. - Featuring – MED, Ras Kass
C2 Milk Box (Remix)
C3 LL Cool J
C4 Wine & Cheese - Featuring – Jimetta Rose
D1 Darlin
D2 The Hurt
D3 When It Rains - Featuring – Aloe Blacc
D4 The Finish

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